Hello Everyone!
We have made it to Indonesia safe and sound and are settling in for our 3 month stay. We have a nice 2 bdrm apartment and Eva is able to swim everyday in the large pool located on the premises. My Indonesian language training has served me well as I am able to communicate very easily with the local population. Many of you have wondered how to reach us while we are away so I have a several options.
1: By Email, Facebook, Myspace
2. Yahoo IM messenger; My ID is: theresaeckard We can IM, call, and video chat with this method
3. I have a yahoo internet phone number: 847-562-5040. If you are away from your computer and need to reach me, you can call from your cell or landline phone.
You just dial the number from your phone, (you are charged just like a normal call in the US, and it is free for me to receive the call). My computer is always online, so when you call, I will receive an incoming call alert. If I am home, I will answer, if not, there will be an option to leave a message.
Keep in mind there is a 12-15hr time difference depending on where you are in the states; (12hr for Eastern, 13hr for Central, etc.)
Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
-Theresa and Eva


And finally, I was searching online for any news from any other relatives, and I found this:

Apparently, Kameron is vying for athlete of the month. And he's behind right now, so let's get those votes going.

That's about it for now. Hope everyone had a great holiday season, and I'm looking forward to seeing and talking to you guys this year.