Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sad news

I wanted to get some good news up about golfing in Florida, visiting Disney World and other family news.

But tonight, I have some sad news to report.

Connie's son, Keith, died last week. Living up to its name as the "silent killer," pancreatic cancer took him at 38. There was no indication that he was even sick until a couple of days before he died.

Mom and I went to the service in Lafayette, Ind. It was a mixture of sadness, fond memories and a little humor sprinkled in. One of Keith's friends read a poem; a couple of Connie's friends spoke; and Connie talked about her boy with the big heart.

But what teared me up the most was when she talked about coming home the day Keith died. They were locking up the house, turning off all the lights and getting ready to go upstairs for bed when Neal went behind her and turned on all the outside lights.

"What are you doing?" Connie asked.

"I want to make sure Keith can find his way home," Neal said.

If you have their e-mail, phone number or address, they could probably use a little comfort. Or leave a message here for them. And maybe a prayer or two would be good. I know I've been praying for God to ease their pain.

Here are a couple of links to the obituary - one in the Chattanooga paper where Keith grew up and the other in the Lafayette paper.