Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mountain climber

I know some people have been asking about this so I decided to post some pictures of Gary's recent adventures on top of some mountains.

He says he's having fun making it to the summits of Mount Massive and Mount Elbert, both in Colorado; Mount Whitney in California; and Mount Rainier in Washington. And he's still hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections.

But all of that has been just a prelude to his next climb. He and Julie are heading to Africa next week, and while Julie is on safari with her Dad, Gary will be climbing Kilimanjaro. More pictures to come.

Oh, and while they're in Africa, I'll be in Europe on a three-country tour of Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. I'll try to go to the Asia side of Istanbul so I can say I've been in three continents. I'll post pictures after that, as well.

So, if anyone has any big trips or big news - or even little trips or little news - send me a note. It's fun to keep up with everything.