Friday, March 12, 2010

golf get-together

I've called a few people to see if there was any interest in having a golf-only family get-together this year. The consensus is yes, there is an interest for many depending on location and time of year.

Some have job constraints and other obligations that might prevent you from coming. But don't worry, there will be others.

I didn't call everyone, so this is serving as an invitation for anyone who wants to meet somewhere later this year for a golf outing. If you don't play golf, but you still want to hang out with us, please consider coming. There will be plenty of golf, but we have to sit down and eat sometime.

Anyway, some of the locations mentioned so far have been Pinehurst, Bay Hill, Kiawah Island, Greenbrier, Reynolds Plantation and Sea Island Resort. Months that have been mentioned so far are June, August and September.

Let me know if anyone has any ideas or opinions, and I'll be contacting individuals later on to get more feedback.